The Book

“Wetzel pens a riveting tale of Schlatter as the ‘New Mexico Messiah’ in this meticulously researched volume. . . . We join Wetzel in an entertaining narrative of tracking down evidence of the likely fate of Schlatter and then are taken through the process of discerning fact from fiction.” — Library Journal

“Completely fascinating, meticulously researched, and well-written narrative nonfiction about a divine(ly crazy) figure from American history.” —

The Vanishing Messiah resurrects the enigmatic figure of Francis Schlatter, whose healing ministry once held America spellbound. Who was this charismatic man, and what really became of him?” David Von Drehle, author, Rise to Greatness: Abraham Lincoln and America’s Most Perilous Year

“As good as it gets when it comes to historical crime: a story of devout faith, deception, body snatching, and the remarkable lengths one man will go to to pursue what he believes is his calling.” — Cedar Rapids Gazette

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